History of Yass Football Club

Pre Yass Soccer Inc

The Yass Indoor soccer competition grew in popularity through the hard work and dedication of Christine Greenwood into setting up the competitions, organising the teams, refreshments, prizes etc.

Through a small group of parents, led by Andrew Jewell, a project was set up to seek information in relation to setting up a local competition of outdoor soccer. This was started by a questionnaire sent out to all participating parents in the indoor soccer competition in August 2002.

Following the survey feedback it was obvious that the establishment of an outdoor soccer competition would be supported and the preferred set up for a competition was in summer on a Friday evening.

A project team of Andrew Jewell, Jason and Jane Rogers, Warren and Sue Nielson, Mark Valencic and Rob McCarthy was set up to investigate all the necessary requirements that would have to be met. Items to investigate included: Affiliate Membership, Insurance, Playing Field, Funds, Equipment, Committee, Competition, Registration, Development, Marketing and Communication

These elements were assigned to members of the project team.


At the end of August 2002, Yass Shire Council supported the establishment of a Junior Soccer competition on level 3 of Walker Park.

Following this a public forum was held at Yass Soldiers Club on 25th September 2002. This forum was attended by approximately 30 parents and interested parties.

Through a letter seeking support for the soccer competition, the Yass Soldiers Club became the Club's major - Gold Sponsor, and the Royal Hotel - Silver Sponsor.

The Yass Soccer competition finally kicked off on Friday 8th November 2002 with 4 soccer divisions:

  • 6 teams in Under 7 (more than 40 players)
  • 4 teams in Under 8 (more than 30 players)
  • 6 teams in Under 10 (more than 50 players)
  • 6 teams in Under 13 (more than 40 players)
  • 6 teams in Under 16 (more than 40 players)
  • 28 parents acting as managers

After a great competition, presentation night was held on 7th March 2003.

For his great professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication in creating an Outdoor Soccer Competition in Yass, Andrew Jewell was nominated for the Yass Club Person of the Year in 2002.


Following the success of the summer competition, interest was sought in the establishment of a Winter Team competing against other towns. 2 teams were set up in 2003 an Under 11's and an Under 13s.

Training began on 14th June 2003 which led to both Yass teams competing in the Cowra Cup Carnival on Sunday 16th August 2003. Friendly games were arranged against Cowra, Tumut and Goulburn teams leading up to the carnival.

Summer of 2003/2004 attracted even more players in age groups from Under 6 to Under 16s. In total over 270 players registered and played in the competition.


In winter 2004, 3 teams were entered into the Goulburn Soccer Competition - Under 10s, Under 12s and Under 14s. In total 50 players were registered and played in the competition.

Varying degrees of success were achieved, but the main aim was to give the players a more competitive game structure to improve their skills in soccer. Again Yass Soccer Club entered the Cowra Junior Soccer Competition with 4 teams being represented - Under 10s, Under 12s and 2 Under 14 teams.

The 3rd season of Summer Soccer in Yass kicked off on 5th November 2004 with a record 338 players being registered and tens of players added to a waiting list. The amount of games required forced Yass Soccer to utilise levels 1, 2 and 3 of Walker Park on a Friday evening.


The winter competition of 2005 commenced with 4 teams represented in Under 11s, Under 12s, Under 14s and 15-16 age groups. In total 61 players registered and played in the Goulburn competition.
Under 16 Team received the STFA award for Fair Play for the whole of the STFA competition.

Best & Fairest (2005) - Patrick's Butchery
Under 11 Chris Valencic
Under 12 Brett Foran
Under 14 Jayden Smith
Under 16 Ryan Betts
Most Improved (2005) - Gallagher Haulage
Under 11 Charles Alley
Under 12 William Alley
Under 14 Andrew Holgate
Under 16 Stuart Wallace
The 2005/2006 Summer competition attracted even more players with

  • 6 teams in under 6
  • 10 teams in under 8
  • 8 teams in under 10
  • 8 teams in under 12
  • 6 teams in under 14
  • 6 teams in under 16


A major change occurred in 2006 when YassFC became affiliated with Canberra Football.

This allowed us to field teams in the following age groups:
Under 9, Under 11 (2 teams), Under 13, Under 14 and Under 16.
A total of 74 players were registered for the winter competition.

Most Improved sponsored by Gallagher Haulage

  • Under 9 - Tim Hazell
  • Under 11 Spiders - James Devey
  • Under 11 Redbacks - Vanessa Wallace
  • Under 13 - Olivia Columb
  • Under 14 - Anthony Heat
  • Under 16 - Ben Cover

Best and Fairest - sponsored by Patricks Butchery

  • Under 9 - Darcy Coughlan
  • Under 11 Spiders - Sian Minary-Bland
  • Under 11 Redbacks - Shane Bingley
  • Under 13 - Natasha Farnsworth
  • Under 14 - Stephanie Mihaljevic
  • Under 16 - Daniel Taylor

At the AGM held on Tuesday 17th October 2006

		Election of Positions:
		President               Grant Taylor
		Vice President          Lincoln Farnsworth
		Secretary               Ngari Walters
		Treasurer               Warren Nielson
		Registrar               Sue Nielson
		Publicity               Phil Murphy
		Grounds/Equip           Drew Gallagher
		Referees Co-ord         Mark Valencic

The following persons were accepted as new committee members:

David Pinson - Prepared to assist Mark and learn the ropes of the referees co-ordinator role.
Jodie Gallagher - Angela Farnsworth - Both coming on board to assist with administrative duties and running of summer football. All these functions have previously fallen under the registrar's role.
Kerry Foran - Prepared to assist with summer match cards and around the summer desk.

YassFC acknowledge the effort of Andrew Jewell who resigned from his position as president on 18 April 2006 and did not wish to remain on the committee.


Summer competition for 2006/2007 ran from November 2006 - 17 March 2007. There were a record number of teams in all age groups.

		K/1 - 8 teams
		2/3 - 10 teams
		4/5 - 8 teams
		6/7 - 8 teams
		8/9 - 6 teams
		10+ - 6 teams

The winter football continues to grow with 8 teams playing in the Canberra Football Leagues: Under 8, Under 10 (two teams), Under 12 (two teams), Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18. For the first time, Yass FC fielded an Open team in the Canberra Senior Mens league.

Best and Fairest / Most Improved - 2007

TeamBest And FairestMost Improved
Under 8Victoria AlleyFinnlay Ernst
Under 10 RedbacksKris HanssonBradley Nielson
Under 10 SpidersTyron DemczyszynErik Miech
Under 12 RedbacksRyan JewellNathan Cooke
Under 12 SpidersSian Minary-BlandBradley Crawford
Under 14Steven Morgan-BruceRebecca McLean
Under 16Ben CoverBrett Foran
Under 18Ben ColeJim Bennett-Burleigh
OpensCameron BettsLee Witt

Team Performances - Winter 2007

Under 16 - Division 3 Premiers

Under 18 - Division 3 Premiers

Open Team - Division 8 Runners-Up

Summer Football - 2007 - 2008

Again a record number of players and teams entered for the Friday Evening Football at Walker Park.

age GroupNo. of TeamsNo. of Players


Winter football is still growing in Yass with a record number of teams ans players this year.

Teams this year:

TeamNo. of Players
U10 Redbacks9
U10 Spiders9
Open Div 716
Open Div 1015

Best and Fairest / Most Improved - 2008

TeamBest & FairestMost Improved
Under 7Kai DouvenOlivia Henderson
Under 8Flynn BuffingtonJoanna Devey
Under 10 Spiders Sarah DowlingJonah Smith
Under 10 RedbacksJayden VeerhuisEleanor Miller
Under 11Richard AlleyJack Kimpton
Under 13 Bradley WalshCarey Hill
Under 14 Rowan PhemisterBradley Warner
Under 15John BarrattAnthony Gallagher
Under 16Matthew ParkerPerry Aldridge
Under 18Andrew HolgateJayden Smith
Opens Div 7Mitchell DarmodyWarren Parker
Opens Div 10 Dave HazellBrendan Heat


Summer competition for 2008/2009 ran from November 2008 - 13 March 2009. There were a record number of teams in all age groups.

We welcome Yass Real Estate as our Major Summer sponsor.

		K/1 - 8 teams
		2/3 - 8 teams
		4/5 - 10 teams
		6/7 - 6 teams
		8/9 - 8 teams
		10+ - 8 teams

Winter 2009

Winter football is still growing in Yass with a record number of teams ans players this year.

Teams this year:

TeamNo. of Players
U7 Redbacks7
U7 Spiders7
U12 Redbacks12
U12 Spiders11
Open Div 717
Open Div 1019

Best and Fairest / Most Improved - 2009

TeamBest and FairestMost Improved
U7 SpidersMagnus StaceyLuke Veerhuis
U7 RedbacksJack GallagherBen Thornely
U8 RedbacksWilliam LuckThomas Rampton
U9 RedbacksAnnabelle HanssonCallum Dodd
U11 RedbacksJonah SmithJacques Kapetanakos
U12 SpidersJayden VeerhuisCameron Hill
U12 RedbacksTim HazellRebekah Gallagher
U14 RedbacksAiden LeesRex Stacey
U15 RedbacksJack CoughlanBradley Warner
U16 RedbacksFergus McGrathGreg Pickering
U18 Redbacks Ben CoverMungo Bright
WomenKath FarnellJenny Hudson
Open Div 7Cameron BettsNot Awarded
Open Div 10David "Brew" HazellNot Awarded

Winter/Summer 2010

2010 was the eighth year for the Club, though not one for growth in player numbers but growth in the area of sponsorship. 2010 saw our newest partnership being our Gold sponsor Yass Retravision and with continued sponsorship and support from Patrick's Butchery, The Soldiers Club and The Club House Hotel. The growth of the Club also showed in the teams we entered in higher divisions for the year, with the U13's and the U16's both moving up to Division 2. U13's finished as runners up whilst the U16's were very competitive throughout their season. The U18's played in the Division 1 competition and though found the competition challenging it cannot be said that the coach and team did not give each game their best. Several Players reached 100 games during the 2010 Winter Season as well as 17 players reaching 5 years. On top of organising 3 successful presentations throughout 2010 the Club also organised a World Cup raffle and participated with a fundraising trivia night. The 2009/2010 summer season saw the introduction of a 6 a side Tuesday night competition for senior players. As well as 400 players in the Friday night competition. We would like to Thank Phil Murphy for his seven years of effort on the committee and as a coach and referee. Phil was instrumental in setting up and maintaining the website giving the club a professional image.