Presidents Report 2010/11

The Yass Football Club has now been in existence for nine years, each year we introduce something that benefits the club either directly or indirectly. For example when it was agreed that we should place more emphasis on development, we agreed that coaches courses would be reimbursed by the club. To add to this a year or two later we agreed that it was important to partially reimburse parents for their children attending coaching clinics. Two years ago we kicked off the Tuesday evening summer 6/7 a side. Whilst this is not an organised competition, it has been a good way to keep players having a run each week. We have also picked up a few senior players for winter via this activity. In 2011 we entered our inaugural junior girl�s team in the Capital Football competition, although partly forced into this by the player registration numbers, it was something that Drew Gallagher had been keen to introduce over previous winter seasons. 2011 also saw the introduction of the club�s own award for �Club Person of the Year�, this was a suggestion raised by Gary Lennon on a couple of occasions. Congratulations to Jodie Gallagher for being the inaugural recipient of this important and hopefully ongoing award, it was well deserved.

Whilst the Yass Football Club continues to have good people on the committee who are prepared to offer up suggestions with an aim to improving the organisation the club will always be successful. A big thank you to our sponsors The Yass Soldiers Club, Yass Real Estate, Club House Hotel, Patrick�s Butchery, Caltex Woolworths Yass, Galutzi Caf� and Yass Chiropractic for their continued support.

Obviously a huge thank you to all the committee for an outstanding effort in 2011. In particular I would like to make special mention of Tracey Clarke for her tireless effort running the canteen with her year round hands on approach. This year the canteen made a record profit of just over $9000. A personal thank you to Peter Alley who attends to all things financial for the club. Peter�s diligent approach to maintaining accurate financials over the past four years has been most appreciated by myself. Thanks also to Jodie and Drew Gallagher for their never ending efforts in all things Yass FC. A big thanks to some non-committee members in Rebekah & Anthony Gallagher and Stephen & Kate Boulton for all their assistance with the canteen and grounds set up.

In closing I would like to thank David Pinson who after five years of organising referees , training courses, update courses and scheduling refs for summer and winter plus refereeing himself will be leaving the club. David has kindly agreed to show Andrew Southwell the ropes over the coming summer season.