U18 Redbacks


Andrew Southwell

Team Players
Team photo
Adam Minary-Bland Alexander Mulady Bradley Nielson Brendon Scanes
Cameron Hill Dominik Turner Elliot Southwell Hayden Starr
Jayson Young Joel Bishop Kris Hansson Luke Mc Reynolds
Mark Dowling Sam Young Timothy Hazell Toby Nolan


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Draw and Results

DateTimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamField
Sat 2 May 2015 3:10 PM Marist 3 V 2 U18 Redbacks Marist
Sat 9 May 2015 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 6 V 0 Brindabella Blues Walker Park - 3
Sat 16 May 2015 3:10 PM Tuggeranong 1 V 5 U18 Redbacks Wanniassa
Sat 23 May 2015 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks V BYE
Sat 30 May 2015 3:10 PM Canberra Grammar 1 V 6 U18 Redbacks Flinders - 1
Sat 13 Jun 2015 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 2 V 4 Belwest Walker Park - 3
Sat 20 Jun 2015 3:10 PM Marist 2 V 0 U18 Redbacks Marist
Sat 27 Jun 2015 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 5 V 1 Belsouth Walker Park - 3
Sat 18 Jul 2015 3:10 PM Cooma Tigers 1 V 5 U18 Redbacks Calwell
Sat 25 Jul 2015 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 3 V 1 Majura Walker Park - 3
Sat 1 Aug 2015 3:10 PM Woden Valley Roar 1 V 7 U18 Redbacks Mawson
Sat 8 Aug 2015 3:10 PM Belwest 4 V 1 U18 Redbacks Latham
Sat 15 Aug 2015 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 6 V 1 Cooma Tigers Calwell
Sat 22 Aug 2015 3:10 PM Brindabella Blues 2 V 6 U18 Redbacks Calwell
Sat 29 Aug 2015 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 4 V 1 Marist Sky Walker Park - 3
Sat 5 Sep 2015 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 2 V 1 Marist Royal Walker Park - 3


Match Reports

Sat 5 Sep 2015 - U18 Redbacks v Marist Royal

In the last game of the 2015 season the Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Marist Royal at Walker Park on a warm Saturday afternoon. With the late withdrawal of Brad due to injury, the team didn’t start the game in the best frame of mind. The prediction by many was that this was going to be a tough game and they were right! Having met in the first round of the season, the Marist team had not changed their tactics from then. When under pressure they resorted to intimidation both physically and verbally of both the opposition and the match officials. The Yass team were prepared this time and the majority of the players kept their cool under immense pressure, with just a few trying to retaliate and being put off their game as a result. The actual match was very close and the close man marking meant the game was not pretty to watch as it did not flow like most of the Under 18 Redback’s games this season. In the 20th minute, after a free kick was given for a Marist hand ball just outside the goal area, Brendon took a tremendous shot that left the goalie standing still and the ball in the back of the net, Yass up by one. At the 40th minute, an infringement by a Yass defender resulted in a penalty to Marist who promptly converted it for a 1 all score. It remained this way until half time. The second half was a tight arm wrestle with Marist insisting on their intimidation tactics which really spoilt what could have been a great tense game. At the 75th minute, after a great movement of the ball down the left side, Hayden, anticipating something was on, moved all the way from the centre back position to be ready just back from the far post and when the cross was not dealt with properly by the Marist defense was ready to slot the ball in for a great goal that sent the Yass supporters into raptures. The score remained 2-1 until full time. After the whistle there was an ugly scene between some of the players from both teams which took away from the great win by Yass. This Under 18 Team has had a great year in a very competitive Division 2, finishing second behind Belwest, scoring 60 goals (second by one) Winning 11 and losing 4 games and having a goal difference of 36, second highest in the comp. Many of this team will move on to senior football next year, making the future of football in Yass look bright if they stay in the area. Congratulations and well done young men on a great season.

Sat 29 Aug 2015 - U18 Redbacks v Marist Sky

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Marist Sky at Walker Park on Saturday. The tension could be felt in the air at the start of play, as this game really meant something to both teams. With Marist Sky coming 2nd and Yass coming 4th the feeling was this was going to be a close game. In the end Yass got a great 4-1 victory, but they had to work hard to earn this win. Both teams had their chances and it took a shot in a congested goal area by Sam at the 20th minute to put Yass in front. About 15 minutes later Mark took a long range shot from 40 metres out that caught the Marist goalie out of position for a stupendous goal. It remained 2 – nil until half time. The second half continued in the pattern of the first, with end to end play and both defenses working hard to keep the ball out. At the 60th minute Yass scored another goal, this seemed to spark Marist into action and they replied with a goal of their own. After weathering an onslaught for the next 10 minutes, Yass then replied with another goal. This took the sting out of the Marist team, and Yass controlled most of the play from then until full time. The Yass boys were excited by their win, and rightly so. They played very well as a team. Brad, Hayden, Cam and Kris, with Elliot in goal, worked well together at the back and their determination was outstanding. Tim, Toby, Jayson, Adam and Sam dominated the midfield for most of the game, and their vision, passing and work rate was first class. Brendon, Joel and Mark (3 goals) kept the Marist defense busy all game with their ball skills and speed. A great game to watch, and we look forward to their game against the other Marist team, Marist Royal, next week at Walker Park. Depending on results they could finish 2nd, 3rd or 4th in a tough Division 2 competition.

Sat 22 Aug 2015 - Brindabella Blues v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Brindabella at Calwell on Saturday. In warm windy conditions on a rough, sloping field, it was always going to be difficult to play an open passing style of game. In addition half the team were struggling with sickness, fortunately most of the team were available which allowed the coach to use a high rotation of substitutes to give players some recovery time. With all this considered the Yass Redbacks did well to have a 6-2 win, even if they were a bit scratchy at times. With Brindabella running with the wind and downhill in the first half they came out keen and full of energy and scored the first goal at the 10 minute mark, soon after Yass got an equalizer by Brendon. The game continued end to end until at the 20 minute mark there was an accidental handball in our goal area. The penalty was superbly saved by Elliot who has a real knack of saving penalties. This really lifted the Yass team and they spent the rest of the half in attack, resulting in 1 more goal to Brendon. The second half saw a more dominant Yass performance with a tiring Brindabella team, and the wind and sun at our backs. Brendon scored another 2 goals, while Mark and Tim also got on the scoresheet. It was only late in the game after a defensive lapse that Brindabella scored their second goal. Overall the coach was pleased with the team’s commitment to each other, playing when it could have been easier to stay home sick in bed. They adapted to the conditions and continued to strive for that next goal, creating many chances in both halves. Next week they play Marist Sky at home at Walker Park. This will be a tough game against one of the top teams in the comp and they will need to convert their chances into goals if they want to win this one.

Sat 15 Aug 2015 - U18 Redbacks v Cooma Tigers

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Cooma at Calwell on Saturday. With 3 players back after a lengthy break and a couple of regulars away the coach was concerned with how the team would gel together, but after the first 10 minutes, he need not have worried. Both teams began in an attacking frame of mind and Cooma used their tall, fast, wide midfielders well. This resulted in a goal to Cooma. The defenders of Yass were kept busy all game by the Cooma wide players. Going a goal down did not seem to concern the Yass team and after some great passes and through balls from mid field Brendon was able to put away the equalizer and two more. The score at half time was 3 – 1 to Yass. Cooma never gave up all game and had many attacking runs but the Yass defense were able to handle them all. The Yass team realized that often the best form of defense is attack, and even when they got a few goals further ahead they never stopped trying to get that next goal right up to full time. At the 70th minute a corner kick by Mark was deflected in off a Cooma defender for an own goal, and Brendon added 2 more for a 6-1 final score. Although it sounds like Brendon ran the show, in fact it was again a good team effort with Brendon being the attacking focal point on the day, but a number of other players had shots deflect off the cross bar or be saved by a good Cooma goalie. Elliot had a good game in goal with a number of saves and his long kicks up field often set up an attacking run. The backline of Kris, Brad, Hayden and Luke worked well together, often under high pressure from some quick, strong Cooma players. Tim, Adam, Sam, Alex, Jayson and Dom both defended and attacked in a well organized way, ran all game and put some great passes through for shots on goal. Mark and Brendon used their pace and ball control well upfront, Brendon was well rewarded with his 5 goals. Mark was unlucky not to score a few for himself as well. A great team effort again. Next week they travel to Calwell again, but play Brindabella this time.

Sat 8 Aug 2015 - Belwest v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Belwest at Latham on Saturday. The 4-1 loss might indicate a solid loss, but this wasn’t the case at all. It was a game where “if only!” could be applied. With just 11 players against the top team in the Division 2 competition who had 5 subs at their disposal, the Yass team rightly walked off the field with their heads held high. On a warm sunny day, the Redbacks began well, being superior in possession, tactics and field position. At the 30 minute mark this resulted in a goal to Brendon to put Yass in front. The Belwest team just couldn’t find a way through the Yass defense until, with 5 minutes to go in the half and fatigue setting in a free kick was given to Belwest. The resulting kick was pressured by their players and a fumble in front of goal resulted in a scramble and a Belwest goal. Seconds before the half-time whistle a penalty was given to Belwest after their player was brought down in the box. This was converted with Belwest now having a 2-1 lead . Yass knew they had a battle on their hands with no subs and coming from behind. They worked hard in the second half and continued to have more chances on goal but could not find that equalizer. At the 75th minute a cross from Belwest caught our defense out and the ball was neatly put away. Late in the game another goal was scored by Belwest. Supporters from both side agreed that it was a great game and the Yass Boys could be very proud of how they played, how hard they worked and how they conducted themselves in a tough match. If only we had a full team, if only we had done a few things differently might be going through their heads. But no one can question the desire of those 11 players to work for a win. Next week they play Cooma in Calwell in what could be another tough match in a very close competition.

Sat 1 Aug 2015 - Woden Valley Roar v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s travelled to Mawson on Saturday to play Woden Valley in showery and windy conditions. With a few players away and others carrying some niggly injuries the coach and some of the players were nervous about what the result might be. The coach was particularly pleased as the game went on with the team’s passing of the ball on the ground, with patient build-up in the second half, and they never gave up striving for one more goal. This combined to give an emphatic 7-1 victory. The game began with Woden in an attacking mood and Yass were fortunate not to concede a goal or two early. This was not helped by the Yass team trying too many fancy passes and putting the ball in the air when control and passing on the ground would have done the trick. Eventually the team settled down and Brendon scored the first of his 2 goals and Hayden, with good timing at the back post, tapped in a goal after a cross from the right went across the goal mouth. The score remained 2-nil until half time. Yass came out more patient, worked as a whole team and put on a junior masterclass in attacking football. Runs down the left and right, drives through the centre and great through passes resulted in goals to Toby, Brad, Mark (2) and another to Brendon. Many more goals could have been scored except for some good Woden goalkeeping. With just a few minutes to go Woden put on a creative attacking move that resulted in a goal that Elliot was so desperate to try not to concede. Every player worked hard for each other and were creative, the backline of Brad, Kris, Cameron and Hayden not only were solid in defense, but put in some great passes that started attacking runs. The midfielders Joel, Toby, Dom, Luke and Tim got back in defense, but were then quick to put passes together to create another scoring opportunity. Upfront Mark and Brendon were focused, very few shots on goal went wide, at least making the Woden goalie work all day. A great team win.

Sat 25 Jul 2015 - U18 Redbacks v Majura

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Majura at home on Saturday for a 3-1 victory. Football is a funny game, last week they won by a bigger margin, but this week they played better. With a number of the players unavailable due to injury they needed to dig deep. On the day when Mark celebrated his 100th game with the Club, he and the team began brightly with a number of good attacking moves, this was soon rewarded with a goal to Joel who not long after took a heavy knock to the ankle and was not able to take any further part in the game. Later in the half Brendon scored the first of his 2 goals for the day. The score remained 2 nil at half time, even though Yass had the majority of the possession and chances on goal. The second half began on more even terms, with play swaying from one end to the other time and again. Many of the Yass shots on goal were stopped by some great Majura goalie work. Brendon was eventually able to slot one past the goalie with a great left foot, celebrated by the coach. As the half wore on, the Yass mid field and backs struggled with fatigue and some good attacking moves by Majura. Elliot in goal made some great saves, doing the difficult things well, but a split second lack of concentration, resulted in a Majura goal at the 70th minute. Yass lifted after this and held steady for the rest of the game. Tim, Luke, Toby, Dom and Jayson worked hard in mid field, both in attack and defense. The back line of Kris, Hayden, Brad and Cameron had a solid game and walked off exhausted but satisfied with their efforts. The coach was happy with all the team’s efforts against a determined and organized team. There are some tough games coming up in a close Division 2 Competition, next week they play Woden Valley at Mawson.

Sat 18 Jul 2015 - Cooma Tigers v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Cooma at Calwell on Saturday and got away with a 5 -1 win. Usually that score line would indicate a solid victory but in reality the Yass team were scratchy in ball control and team work, possibly as a result of having 2 weeks off and not training during the week. This was highlighted even more when you realise the Cooma team could only muster 10 players. Even though the coach was disappointed with some aspects of the team’s game, at other times with good control and passing and more patience some beautiful moves were put together and some great chances on goal were created. The Cooma goalie, who had a great match, was often all there was standing between Yass and another goal. Goal scorers for Yass were Mark (2), Joel, Brendon and Hayden (first goal for the season). This Saturday the Under 18’s play Majura at home at Walker Park. With a good training run mid-week and a focused approach to the game mentally and physically on the day, hopefully they can get back to the great passing, control and teamwork that has impressed all who have watched them this season.

Sat 27 Jun 2015 - U18 Redbacks v Belsouth

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Belsouth at Walker Park on Saturday and got some of their mojo back with a 5-1 win. With a number of players not available, the team who turned up were focused and determined to put in a good performance. This showed right from kickoff when Yass went immediately into attack and it wasn’t long before Alex (who had a great game with 2 goals) was put through with a great pass that he neatly put away. The coach was pleased to see the eagerness of the team in attack and the unselfish play where great passing combinations opened up the defense for numerous shots on goal. Mid way through the half after another good attacking run through the centre Brendon scored a goal and not long after Dom cut in from the right and with his left foot put the ball into the top corner of the goal, making it 3 nil at halftime. The second stanza started the same as the first with wave after wave of attacking plays by Yass that resulted in Alex’s second goal and a great strike from Mark who did not give up on a cross that looked like it had got away from him to neatly place the ball between the goalie and the near post. Late in the game fatigue began to set in and players sometimes were caught out of position or not focused. This resulted in a late goal to Belsouth, who put Yass under pressure at times with some good passing and through balls in attack. Sometimes the players who don’t score the goals can be forgotten, but today every player contributed to a great team win, Joel up front or in goal, Midfielders Luke, Tim, Adam and Jayson and Backs Cam, Brad, Hayden and Kris. Well done team. They now have a 2 week break before playing Cooma away on July 18th.

Sat 20 Jun 2015 - Marist v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Marist Sky at Marist College on Saturday. This turned out to be a classic match with high quality and drama all over the pitch. Yass play in the Division 2 competition, and there was a Division 1 game being played on the field next door, but many spectators from that game ended up watching more of our game, such was the excitement and effort displayed by both teams. The first half was a real arm wrestle with play moving from one end to the other, but no one being able to score a goal, so nil all at half time. The only down side was Sam being brought down on the edge of the box by an illegal tackle in an attacking run. This resulted in Sam needing to come from the field and taking no further part in the game, hopefully he is fit to play next week as he was missed by his team mates. The second half began in a similar fashion but about 10 minutes in a Marist play was not closed down in the goal square and the resultant shot went in. Yass were spurred on by this and had a number of chances on goal but couldn’t equalize. About 15 minutes from full time a ball was not properly cleared from the Yass goal mouth which resulted in another goal to Marist. From then on most of the game was played in the Marist half, but Yass could not find the goals needed due to a very strong and organized Marist defense. This is the first game in two seasons that this Yass team have not scored a goal in a match, all credit to the Marist defense must be given. Although Yass lost 2-0, they can all hold their heads high, they displayed great skills, commitment and energy and the game was played with sportsmanship by both teams and was well controlled by a very good referee.

Sat 13 Jun 2015 - U18 Redbacks v Belwest

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Belwest Foxes at Walker Park on Saturday. Although football is played over 90 minutes, it is often the seconds that determine the result, as was the case in this 4-2 loss for the home team. This was the first loss at home for the Under 18 Redbacks since at least 2013. The team had hardly settled from the kick-off when a good through ball was not dealt with for a second by the defense and they were a goal down. A few minutes later the same thing happened and a lapse in focus for a second resulted in another goal. Yass were 2 goals down within 10 minutes of the start of the game. This caused the team to raise their tempo and after a number of half chances, a good ball was put through for Mark to take on a defender and the goalie to slot in a good goal. The score remained 2-1 at the break. The Yass team came out and dominated early in the second half, but just couldn’t find that goal. Then a second of hesitation by the goalie and the backs allowed Belwest to score. Yass came back but couldn’t score a goal until a ball was put out to the right wing by Tim and then Brendon crossed the ball in hard from near the corner post. Even though the ball was slightly behind Mark he was somehow able to get behind and above the ball and on the volley, bullet the ball into the net for what could well be the goal of the season. If this was a televised game this goal would be shown over and over, instead those who were privileged to be there can replay it in our memories. Belwest began to panic in defense but Yass were unable to find the equalizer. Late in the game another second of indecision resulted on Belwest sealing the result with a fourth goal. The coach was pleased to see that the Yass team did not give up when behind by two goals early and although many on the team acknowledged it was not their best game, they earnt the respect of the top team in this division who play a very skilled and physical game. Belwest’s coach looks forward to playing Yass again later in the season on their home turf, as they pushed his team harder than any other team has done this season. Next week the Yass Redbacks play another tough match away against the second placed team Marist Sky.

Sat 30 May 2015 - Canberra Grammar v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Canberra Grammar at Red Hill on Saturday and had a very pleasing 6-1 win. After a bye the previous week and 4 players away due to sickness and other reasons the team began with some hesitation. This was added to by the fact that a number of the team were playing in unfamiliar positions. However the team soon settled down and dominated both possession and field position for most of the game. After a number of near misses Joel was able to slot his first goal home for the season about 20 minutes in, followed soon after by Dom’s first goal this season as well. Just before half-time Grammar scored a goal against the run of play, making it 2-1 at the break. In the second half Yass came out with more determination and better passing and build up play to score 4 more goals, Brendon (2),  Joel (1) and Toby (1). A number of other players were unlucky not to score. The coach was pleased that the Team improved in the second half and were hungry to score more goals. This Under 18’s Div2 competition looks very tight already and goals difference could decide the eventual Premiers. The coach was also pleased to see players adapt to unfamiliar positions and work hard, be creative and gel as a team. Goalie Mark adapted to this position well and made some good saves to deny Grammar. Kris was like a rock at right back, anyone who took him on came off second best, Hayden was strong and quick at the back, stopping many attacks, Brad is quick of foot and mind and often turned defense into attack, Sam was focused, keen and organized in all positions. Likewise Adam who motivated, organized and was in everything, Tim worked hard at both ends of the field and his vision and passing set up many attacks, Dom found plenty of space on the right to move the ball forward or to cross in on goal, Joel’s quick feet and passion kept the opposition guessing all day, Toby, in the middle of the field, found ways of getting the ball through either for a shot himself or for a killer pass to a team mate, Jayson worked hard all day and found ways of helping set up his team. Brendon, captain of the team, either led from the front or organized from mid-field to create many chances. Well played Redbacks, a bye over the long weekend, sees them play Belwest at Walker Park on Saturday June 13th . This may well be the clash of the top two teams in the competition.

Sat 16 May 2015 - Tuggeranong v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s travelled to Tuggeranong and it was great to cheer Jayson Young on the field in his 100th game, well done. Yass had a good 5 – 1 victory, despite the game being a bit scrappy at times. The team had trouble putting good passing moves together and loss of footing and poor ball control at times put them under unnecessary pressure. Even so, the Yass team spent a high percentage of time threatening the Tuggeranong goal, but some last ditch defense prevented more goals being scored. After Yass eventually settled down, the first goal came from pressure from Joel, who was unlucky not to score but forced an own goal. The second goal was struck home by Toby after a scramble in front of the Tuggeranong goal.  The score remained 2-0 at half-time. The second period saw two more goals by Toby (a hat-trick on the day) and a good scoring strike by Tim after a poor clearance in front of goal by the opposition. Although not a polished performance by Yass, it was certainly superior to the opposition. The coach was pleased with the team work and passing and it leaves plenty of opportunities for improvement in future games. Elliot was unlucky not to keep a clean sheet as 20 minutes into the second half as a shot snuck in on the near post. The back line of Brad, Luke, Kris, Hayden and Sam worked hard and cancelled out any attacking threats. The mid field of Joel, Mark, Toby, Alex and Jayson controlled the flow of play for large periods of the game, while the forwards, Dom, Brendon and Tim made the opposition’s defense work hard and scramble all game. The Yass Under 18’s have a Bye next weekend, before playing Canberra Grammar away the following Saturday.

Sat 9 May 2015 - U18 Redbacks v Brindabella Blues

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s put a great team performance together to win 6-0 at home against Brindabella on Saturday. With two players out on suspension and another away, the players dug deep, worked well together and for each other, using the space on the field and being available for each other to create a good open passing game. Brendon (with 4), Brad and Sam (one each) were the goal scorers, numerous chances were created for others to have shots on goal as well. The coach was pleased with the player’s team work, creativity and covering for each other. The two early goals settled the team down so they felt less pressure, but it was especially pleasing to keep the opposition scoreless. A clean sheet is goalie Elliot’s aim each week and he got off his sick-bed to play and made some good saves to keep it that way. The backline of Hayden, Luke, Kris and Sam were like a fortress in defense, while the mid-fielders Jayson, Joel, Mark, Adam and Brad were well organized and worked hard to control the middle of the field. This allowed Brendon, Tim and Dominik to keep Brindabella’s backline and goalie busy with many shots on target. A great game to watch and well played. Next week they are off to Tuggeranong to play.

Sat 2 May 2015 - Marist v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s, having moved up to 2nd Division, had a tough introduction to Football at a higher level, losing 2-3 to Marist. Playing a good team on their home ground they found the lack of time on the ball, space to move and the increased physical pressure took a bit to get used to. Yet the team played well, controlling much of the game in the first half and entered the break at 1 all. The second half found a more organized and determined opposition and Yass scrambled to cope with the pressure. They went behind after a deflection from a Marist shot on goal left the Yass Goalie wrong footed, yet fought back to obtain a penalty after a Yass forward was brought down in the box. The Yass team lost discipline after some puzzling decisions from the Referee and 2 players were sent from the field. The team managed to hold on until late when a shot from Marist was deflected by the goalie onto the post and dribbled in. The coach was happy with the work ethic shown and feels the team can only improve after a tough game like this. Elliot made some tremendous saves in goal. The backline of Kris, Cameron, Hayden, Brad and Luke worked hard in defense, often under intense pressure. Mid-fielders, Sam, Adam, Tim, Toby and Mark ran all game adding numbers in attack as well as covering in defense. Up front Brendon (2 goals), Dominik, Joel and Jayson created a number of chances from which they were unlucky not to score.