U18 Redbacks


Andrew Southwell

Team Players
Team photo
Annabelle Hansson Brendan Bolton Callum Dodd Elliot Southwell
Flynn Buffington Jay Ryder Kris Hansson Maddison Douven
Rebekah Gallagher Ryan Young Shaun Button Thomas Staines
Victoria Alley


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Draw and Results

DateTimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamField
Sat 30 Apr 2016 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 1 V 3 Marist Navy Walker Park - 3
Sat 7 May 2016 3:10 PM Weston Molonglo 1 V 1 U18 Redbacks Waramanga
Sat 14 May 2016 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 1 V 7 Majura Walker Park - 3
Sat 21 May 2016 3:10 PM St Edmunds 2nd XI 2 V 1 U18 Redbacks St Edmunds
Sat 28 May 2016 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 2 V 6 Woden Valley Wanderers Walker Park - 3
Sat 4 Jun 2016 3:10 PM Marist Sky 3 V 2 U18 Redbacks Marist
Sat 11 Jun 2016 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 4 V 0 Canberra Grammar Red Walker Park - 2
Sat 25 Jun 2016 3:10 PM Radford Raptors 3 V 0 U18 Redbacks Radford
Sat 16 Jul 2016 3:10 PM Gungahlin UTD 2 V 4 U18 Redbacks Palmerston
Sat 23 Jul 2016 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 0 V 3 Belnorth Walker Park - 3
Sat 30 Jul 2016 3:10 PM Woden Valley Roar 5 V 0 U18 Redbacks Mawson
Sat 6 Aug 2016 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 3 V 0 St Edmunds Walker Park - 2
Sat 13 Aug 2016 3:10 PM Belnorth 1 V 3 U18 Redbacks UC - 5A
Sat 20 Aug 2016 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 5 V 1 Gungahlin UTD Walker Park - 3
Sat 27 Aug 2016 3:10 PM Canberra Grammar Red 0 V 7 U18 Redbacks Grammar - Flinders 2
Sat 3 Sep 2016 3:10 PM U18 Redbacks 1 V 5 Weston Molonglo Walker Park - 3


Match Reports

Sat 3 Sep 2016 - U18 Redbacks v Weston Molonglo

Sometimes in Football you can lose a game 5-1 but still know you have played a close game and feel like with a bit of luck you could have won. This was not one of those games, when the Yass Redbacks U18’s played Weston Molonglo in the last game of the season at Walker Park on Saturday. For some reason the team never really got into gear or found that way to work together. It may have been the very wet muddy conditions underfoot in what was one of the few games played on the weekend across the Canberra competition. Whether it was that the team switched off 90 minutes too early and after 4 straight wins just thought another would come without hard work, or whether it was the changed dynamics of having their coach referee the game, which neither he or the team enjoyed, is difficult to pinpoint. In reality the opposition played a far superior game, adapted to the conditions well and were more determined to end the season with a win. It was a pity for this Yass team to finish the season this way. Although the team has struggled each game to get enough players on the field, they have put their hearts into the effort, worked well as a team, had some great wins and some close losses. Overall the team should be proud of their efforts. There has been 33 goals scored by 10 different players during the season, Callum added another goal to his tally this weekend. The team conceded 42 goals, one of the lowest in their competition, for a goal difference of -9. With 8 losses 1 forfeit lost and 1 won, 1 draw and 6 wins this is a great effort in an Under 18’s competition where most of the team are 16 and 17 and they often played under strength. Hold your heads up with pride and know you have done a great job all season.

Sat 27 Aug 2016 - Canberra Grammar Red v U18 Redbacks

In a game dominated by the Yass Redbacks Under 18’s, the result of 7-0 over Canberra Grammar was a fair reflection of the contest. Even though the Yass team found it difficult to get good ball control on the bouncy pitch at Red Hill, the weight of possession and field position meant right from the kick-off the final result seemed to be beyond question. With a team now feeling confident in their defensive ability with a solid goalie and a focused backline, it meant the mid-fielders and forwards could make attacking moves without fear of losing the ball. A number of shots on goal were just blocked or went wide or high, leaving the Yass team frustrated with themselves and starting to rush their attempts. However at around the 15 minute mark Ryan had a great strike from the left, resulting in a goal. This settled the nerves of the team and another goal to Ryan and one to Tom came before the break. There were a number of other shots either hitting the goal frame or being blocked by some desperate Grammar defending. The second half began as the first ended, with Yass in control. Tom added another goal to his tally about 10 minutes in and then as the pressure mounted and fatigue set in for Grammar, Yass scored 3 late goals, one to Flynn and a season’s first for Kris and Brendan. One of the best “non-goals” of the season was scored from a great cross into the box from the left and expertly headed into the goal by Flynn, unfortunately he was called off-side and no goal was awarded. The coach was pleased to see some good selfless passing of the ball in front of goal to players in better positions. A good team effort by Elliot, Flynn, Ryan, Annabelle, Tom, Vicky, Brendan, Bek, Kris, Callum, Jay and Shaun. The exciting thing is that there is still plenty of room for improvement for the team to work on. This Saturday they play the last game of the season at home at Walker Park at 3.10pm, come and cheer them on.

Sat 20 Aug 2016 - U18 Redbacks v Gungahlin UTD

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Gungahlin at Walker Park, constructing a good 5-1 win. With only 10 players, it was going to require a consistent and disciplined effort by the whole team, and that is what they delivered. The Yass team started with a determined attitude and after 5 minutes a passing move on the right allowed Vicky to have a clear shot and a goal was the result. The rest of the half was fairly even. The coach was most pleased with how the back line remained steady and strong, using the off-side trap to great effect. This was the case even though two of the regular backs were away, those that slotted into these positions did a great job. It remained 1 nil at the break. The second half saw Yass begin strong and it wasn’t long until Ryan made it 2 nil. It is tough being a goalie, everyone else can make mistakes that can be covered by the rest of the team, but a momentary lapse in concentration in front of goal, can so easily concede a goal, and that is what happened next. Yet, to Yass’ credit, that really seemed to be the catalyst that got them refocused. From that point on the team worked hard and well together and 2 goals to Tom and another to Ryan put the game beyond question. The Gungahlin team’s half-time talk helped them to remain onside during the rest of the game and they were able to put much more pressure on the Yass defense, who needed to be much more focused in closing down attacks. The Yass team of Bek, Brendan, Jay, Annabelle, Kris, Flynn, Elliot, Ryan, Tom and Vicky have continued to improve each game and have had 3 wins on the trot now, and are looking forward to the away game next Saturday against Canberra Grammar.

Sat 13 Aug 2016 - Belnorth v U18 Redbacks

On the highest quality pitch the team had played on all season the Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played a game of high quality to suit the conditions. With 10 players for the first half and an extra 2 for the second half the team were able to eclipse the more highly ranked Belnorth team 3-1 on a field at Canberra University. The Yass team began brightly and after only a few minutes a well placed cross in from a corner by Tom resulted in a classy volley from Ryan neatly placed into the top left corner. For the next 40 minutes the game see-sawed from end to end with opportunities at both ends. The Yass defense were tested at times but handled the challenges with confidence. With about a minute to go to the break a penalty was given to Belnorth for a foul in the box and was converted to make it 1-1 at the break. With Bek and Jacinta being available for the second half and some adjustments in the mid-field the Yass team went out and dominated the game. It really felt like it was just a matter of time before the goals would begin to come. With better passing, working as a team and control of the mid field they were a joy to watch. After some clever work from Vicky a great ball was laid off to Callum who showed great strength and calmness to put the ball into the bottom left corner to put Yass ahead. Not long after Tom and Ryan combined well to threaten for a goal, the resulting bounce off a Belnorth defender was neatly put away by Jay for his first goal of the season. For the first time this season the coach could see the opposition had completely ran out of ideas and with 10 minutes to go had basically given up any chance of  coming back. A great game where when the team of Flynn, Elliot, Kris, Shaun, Callum, Annabelle, Bek, Ryan, Jacinta, Tom, Victoria and Jay believes in each other they can do far more than they thought. Next week they play Gungahlin at Walker Park. This should be a great game too.

Sat 30 Jul 2016 - Woden Valley Roar v U18 Redbacks

After all the wet weather, it was a relief to see the sun and be able to play a game of football in reasonable conditions. The Yass Under 18 Redbacks played the Woden Valley Roar at Mawson. With only 10 players against a full team with 3 subs, the Yass team put in a great effort, in the end going down 5-0. The Woden team showed why they are near the top of the competition with some skillful forwards who can put accurate shots on goal and mid-fielders who hold possession and put in some excellent through balls to those forwards. Even though the score might indicate a one-sided game, it in fact wasn’t that way with Yass having as much possession and time in front of the Woden goal but we were not able to convert that into goals. The three first half goals to Woden came in a 10 minute phase when they were able to control the mid field. At the break the Yass coach asked the team to go out and give 100% physically and mentally so they could walk off at full time proud of what they had achieved as individuals and a team. They did not disappoint themselves! It was well into the half when a penalty was given to Woden for a Yass foul in the box. Goalie Elliot stepped up and showed his experience by saving that one. However only a few minutes later another penalty was given and although Elliot got his hands to it, it burst through for a goal. Not long after a good team move from Woden resulted in the final goal of the match. During the second half Yass had a number of shots which could well have resulted in a goal. Indeed Jay, Tom, Ryan, Kris, Victoria, Jacinta, Shaun, Annabelle, Bek and Elliot could walk off knowing they had given their best and in doing so earning the praise of the opposition coach and the referee. Well done team, your coach is proud of you.

Sat 16 Jul 2016 - Gungahlin UTD v U18 Redbacks

On a sunny Saturday afternoon the Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played Gungahlin United at Palmerston. The field showed the effects of the recent wet weather, but so did the Yass team. Having not played or trained for a number of weeks, the team was rusty in form and teamwork and well as general fitness. Despite this the Redbacks had a 4-2 win. The first half began as an arm-wrestle as both teams struggled to get good ball control, passing and combination play going on a bumpy pitch. The Yass team had more scoring opportunities but impatience and not taking that one touch to get the ball under control meant shots on goal went wide or high. Late in the half Vicki put in a great cross from the right, and the Yass pressure on the Gungahlin defense resulted in an own goal. The score remained 1-0 to Yass at the break. The second half began with Yass being hesitant in pressuring the opposition. This resulted in Gungahlin scoring a goal after the ball bounced off players from both teams in front of the Yass goal and the ball eventually went in, 1-1. The Yass Coach was concerned that this may have been a turning point in the game, and it was, but in Yass’ favour. From that time the Yass team got organized and motivated and 3 quick goals resulted. A long kick up field from goalie Elliot resulted in Tom being one on one with the Gungahlin goalie and calmly slotting the ball into the goal. A corner soon after resulted in a scramble in the Gungahlin goal mouth, and Annabelle poached a goal as great strikers often do, her first goal of the season. Only minutes later Tom put a cross in and Callum rose above the defense to head in a great goal, his first as well. With five minutes to go, and fatigue setting in, the Yass team allowed the opposition too much time in front of the goal and Gungahlin got one back. All of the team worked hard, to the point of exhaustion at times. Well done team! They play at Walker Park next Saturday at 3.10pm against Belnorth.

Sat 25 Jun 2016 - Radford Raptors v U18 Redbacks

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s struggled to find some good form against an organized and determined Radford College team, losing 3-1. Playing on a field that resembled a big, muddy, slippery sponge the Yass players found it difficult to adapt, the Radford team handled the conditions much better. This was only part of the story though. Yass began sluggishly, poor passing, not moving off the ball to support team mates, slow reaction times in defense all meant Yass were scrambling to keep up. Radford were using clever balls from midfield to fast wingers who put pressure on goal. This resulted in 2 goals from the right winger before half-time. After a team talk during the break the Yass team went out with more motivation and determination in the second half. This resulted in a much more even match, with Yass having more possession, putting together some good attacking runs. One of these creating a scoring opportunity for Tom whose shot on goal was high class. Yass were back within one, and other chances were just shut down by the Radford defense at the last second. Then, against the run of general play, a cross from Radford deflected off a Yass defender and trickled in for a goal with less than 10 minutes to play. Try as they may, Yass were unable to find that goal to get back in the match. The Yass coach was pleased to see the team respond at half-time and put in a much better team and individual effort during the second half. With 2 weeks off due to a general bye and then a rescheduled game against Gungahlin on July 16th, the training sessions will be important to hone team work and skills.


Sat 11 Jun 2016 - U18 Redbacks v Canberra Grammar Red

At last! The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s had their first win of the season, the final score being 4-0 against Canberra Grammar Red. Yet it has to be said that the game never reached any great heights in quality. Both teams seemed to struggle with ball control and getting good passes to their team mates. For the Yass team it might have been because they didn’t have a training session mid-week, or because the team had 3 subs available this week for the first time all season and the swapping of players and positions left them disjointed, or the wet muddy patches on the field. Whatever the reason, it resulted in a game that was not as exciting to watch as some of the previous ones. Some of the decision making in the attacking third of the field meant many good scoring opportunities were squandered at times. Goal scorers were Tom (2), Ryan and Danny. There were many positives to take away from the game. Keeping a clean sheet shows a great defensive effort, players back from injury added to the team and some players showed real commitment by travelling back from other events to get there for their team. The coach was pleased with the result and hopes it raises the self-belief amongst the players that they are indeed good enough to not only compete at this level but good enough to win if they work hard as a team together. Next week they travel to Gungahlin, looking forward to another great game.

Sat 4 Jun 2016 - Marist Sky v U18 Redbacks

The Coach of the Yass Redbacks Under 18’s could only express admiration for a team that was able to hold one of the top teams in the competition goalless for over 20 minutes, with only 8 players. The Marist Sky team had the full 11 plus 4 subs. At around the 20 minute mark a couple of late members arrived to bring Yass to 10 players. During this time, not only did Yass keep a clean sheet but they dominated in possession and field position. Soon after an unlucky bounce resulted in a handball in the goal box. Marist converted the resulting penalty, the score remained 1-0 at half-time. The second half began with Yass in a determined mood and Victoria converted this into an equalizing goal. Yass then dominated the play and looked likely to score a number more goals, but this was not to be. Marist then struck back and a great long range strike left the Yass Goalie picking the ball up out of the back of the net. Yass were not finished though and Flynn replied soon after with a goal to bring it even at 2 all. With a game played in very wet and slippery conditions it was almost inevitable that a slip from either team could decide the outcome. Unfortunately, with 5 minutes to go, it was a slip by the Yass defense that left a Marist forward free to take a shot leading to a goal. Try as they might Yass just could not find that late equalizing goal. The game finishing 3-2 to Marist. This Yass team needs to be admired for their determination, never-say-die attitude and organization under pressure. Almost every game it has been an “if only” feeling. If only we had a couple more players today, if only that hand ball hadn’t occurred, etc. Keep your heads up team, that much sort after win is not far away.

Sat 28 May 2016 - U18 Redbacks v Woden Valley Wanderers

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s had a tough day at their office on Saturday against the top of the ladder Woden Valley Wanderers. However, they acquitted themselves well even though they lost 6-2. Playing most of the game with 10 on the field against the full strength opposition they were able to keep them goalless until the 25 minute mark. Ten minutes later a lapse in defense meant a Woden player was fouled in the box. The penalty was converted and the Yass team went to the break  2-0 down. The second half began with the Yass team under a lot of defensive pressure from a well organized team. The Woden team used the tactics of wingers putting crosses in behind our defense and well weighted through balls from midfield that kept the Yass defenders and goalie busy all game. This resulted in four more goals for Woden. With Bek arriving after half-time, Yass were able to play 11 on 11 for a period which gave the team better control of the midfield. Soon after however, Annabelle needed to leave the game with an ankle injury, just as Victoria scored her first goal for the season, being able to get a shot in, having overcome a determined defender trying to force her off the ball. The Yass team combined again soon after to put Ryan in the clear, and a clever chip over a goalie too far from his line, led to Yass’ second goal. Unfortunately time ran out for Yass to be able to overcome the deficit. The Woden coach was full of praise for the Yass team. Having won last week 15-1, the Woden team were expecting another easy match, but Tom, Vicki, Ryan, Brendan, Annabelle, Bek, Flynn, Shaun, Kris, Callum and Elliot certainly made them work hard to earn their win.

Sat 21 May 2016 - St Edmunds 2nd XI v U18 Redbacks

Football can be a cruel sport sometimes, you can play better than the opposition and yet still lose the game. The coach felt that way at this game, as did most of the spectators at the game. The Yass U18’s can be truly proud of this game against St Edmunds and how they conducted themselves at the end of the 90 minutes, even though they walked off with a 2-1 loss. The team appreciated the contributions of Sally and Daniel who stepped in due to the U15’s having a bye. The game began evenly, with opportunities at both ends. Both teams were a bit sluggish at times and were happy to sit back and watch rather than moving in and pressuring the opposition. The St Edmunds team soon began to resort to the tactic of long balls over the top of the Yass defenders who were able to handle the pace of the opposition this week, even though sometimes the defense was a bit scrambly. The Yass Goalie handled the ball more than his St Edmunds counterpart, but mainly due to the over hit long balls coming through. Late in the first half the Yass defense was caught out and a desperate challenge in the box resulted in a penalty to St Edmunds. Goalie Elliot was up to the challenge and made a great save. Both teams went to the break at 0-0.

The second half saw Yass running downhill on what is a small field and the long goalie kicks gave Yass numerous chances on goal with no result. Then from what seemed to be a harmless move by St Edmunds they suddenly had a goal. Again, to the Yass Redbacks credit, like in previous weeks, they lifted and had most of the possession and put some good play together, being unlucky not to score a number of times. Eventually one of these raids resulted in a good goal to Daniel. Yass dominated from there and it only seemed like a matter of time before Yass would score the winning goal. Then with 2 minutes to play, St Edmunds managed to get the ball near the Yass goal and after some chaos in the box the ball went in the goal. In the majority of times probably a free kick to the goalie would have been awarded as he was impeded, but on this occasion a goal was awarded. The Yass team were visibly upset, but regrouped and almost got back an equalizer. Even the last kick of the match was a free kick to Yass that just sailed over the crossbar. The Yass team of Elliot, Sally, Kris, Callum, Shaun, Brendan, Tom, Annabelle, Jay, Victoria, Daniel and Ryan can be proud of their efforts.

Sat 14 May 2016 - U18 Redbacks v Majura

It was always going to be tough for the Yass U18’s to back up after a huge game the previous week followed by no training during the week due to wet weather. This proved to be the case as Yass faced a very talented Majura team. With tall fast forwards and using long balls over the top of the Yass defense, the Yass team were often on the back foot and by full time had suffered a 7-1 loss. The Yass team worked hard and played some good passing football at times and had nearly as many goal scoring opportunities as Majura, but the unity and determination wasn’t quite there like last week. The game started fairly even and was scoreless until 20 minutes in when from a Majura corner a lapse in concentration resulted in the ball trickling over the goal line. From there Majura lifted the tempo and using their long ball tactics pressured Yass on numerous occasions until a second goal resulted before half-time. After the break Yass seemed to take a while to switch on and Majura scored a third goal. To Brendan, Elliot, Flynn, Jay, Kris, Ryan, Shaun, Tom, Victoria, Maddi and Bek’s credit they lifted and began to hold possession and field position until good build up resulted in Tom scoring a goal. What followed was a period in the game where Yass had a number of chances, hitting the crossbar, just going wide or good saves from the Majura Goalie being the result. This lack of goals after putting in so much energy left Yass deflated and Majura came over the top in the last 15 minutes of the game, scoring another 4 goals as the Yass players heads went down in disappointment. The Yass U18’s have a week to get their heads in the right space to get ready for another great game next week.

Sat 7 May 2016 - Weston Molonglo v U18 Redbacks

As the coach looked around the Yass Redback Under 18’s after this Saturday’s game, he said that this will go down as a game they will look back on in years to come as one of those great and proud moments in their lives. With just 10 players, against a physically larger team from Weston Molonglo with 12 players at their disposal, Yass did not play a faultless or technically brilliant game, but every player played with great determination and heart and refused to give in. Having given everything, they walked off the field exhausted but rightly proud of what they had achieved. However the game did not start well for Yass, conceding a goal in the very first minute of the game. A lesser team would have given up from there, but this team picked themselves up, got reorganized, and dug deep. With chances at both ends of the field throughout the half, it remained 1-0 at the break. The second half saw Yass slowly find dominance over the opposition and after some great lead up work Ryan was able to score a goal to even the score. Expecting a resurgence from the other team, Yass lifted their intensity another notch, and had the majority of possession and field position for the rest of the game. It was only some determined and scrambling defense by Weston Molonglo that prevented another 2 or 3 goals for Yass. Every player was brilliant, working for each other, covering in defense when their team mates were going forward in attack. Swapping positions to give each other a small respite, being brave when needed, even desperate in defense at times. Annabelle, Brendan, Callum, Elliot, Flynn, Jay, Kris, Ryan, Tom and Victoria, you all can be truly proud of that effort!

Sat 30 Apr 2016 - U18 Redbacks v Marist Navy

The Yass Redbacks Under 18’s played a great game on Saturday against Marist at Walker Park, being unfortunate not to have at least a draw, eventually going down 3-1. For the first game of the season, the team showed some good touches and combined well, especially in defense. After a settling in period the Marist team were eventually able to combine to put the ball into the goal. To the Yass Team’s credit they did not let their heads drop against an older and physically bigger team, and were able to put together a great move close to half-time that resulted in a great goal to Ryan. The second half was a very even affair until fatigue began to set in near full time, and a couple of lapses in concentration resulted in two Marist goals. Overall, Victoria and Ryan did a great job up front. Tom, Jay, Maddi, Annabelle and Brendan worked hard and ran all day in mid-field. Flynn, Kris and Shaun were solid and organized in defense, while Elliot and Callum did a great job in goal. The coach was very pleased with the effort. Having a couple of extra players available to make substitutions to keep the team fresh would have made a huge difference.  In a season that in reality is a rebuilding of the team with only 2 players from last year’s team and a number who will be able to play U18’s for the next 2 or 3 years. It shows an exciting future for this team.