U14 Redbacks


Gary Morgan

Team Players
Team photo
Angus Gallahar Benjamin Luck Brooklyn Bolton Bryce Battye
Callum Ironside Calvin Morgan Harrison Walker Jackson Nash
Jacob Collins Keegan Doyle Max Hansson Mitchell Starr
Nicholas Downey Nick Hinds Reuben Robinson Zachary Enseleit


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Draw and Results

DateTimeHome TeamScoreAway TeamField
Sat 6 May 2017 1:45 PM U14 Redbacks 2 V 1 Canberra Grammar Sky Walker Park - 2
Sat 13 May 2017 1:45 PM Radford 0 V 10 U14 Redbacks Radford
Sat 20 May 2017 1:45 PM Tuggeranong 0 V 3 U14 Redbacks Wanniassa
Sat 27 May 2017 1:45 PM U14 Redbacks 4 V 0 Brindabella Blues Walker Park - 3
Sat 3 Jun 2017 1:45 PM St Edmunds 0 V 11 U14 Redbacks St Edmunds
Sat 10 Jun 2017 1:45 PM U14 Redbacks 3 V 0 Majura Walker Park - 2
Sat 17 Jun 2017 1:45 PM Marist 2 V 2 U14 Redbacks Marist
Sat 24 Jun 2017 1:45 PM Canberra Grammar Sky 0 V 5 U14 Redbacks Grammar - Flinders 1
Sat 22 Jul 2017 1:45 PM U14 Redbacks 6 V 0 Radford Walker Park - 3
Sat 29 Jul 2017 1:45 PM U14 Redbacks 8 V 0 Tuggeranong Walker Park - 3
Sat 5 Aug 2017 1:45 PM Brindabella Blues 0 V 3 U14 Redbacks Calwell
Sat 12 Aug 2017 1:45 PM U14 Redbacks V BYE
Sat 19 Aug 2017 1:45 PM Majura 2 V 9 U14 Redbacks Dickson
Sat 26 Aug 2017 1:45 PM U14 Redbacks 2 V 1 Marist Walker Park - 3
Sat 2 Sep 2017 1:45 PM U14 Redbacks 6 V 0 Canberra Grammar Sky Walker Park - 3
Sat 9 Sep 2017 1:45 PM Radford 0 V 10 U14 Redbacks Radford


Match Reports

Sat 9 Sep 2017 - Radford v U14 Redbacks

It arrived....... the last match of the season ! The successful U14 Yass Redbacks traveled  to Radford to play their last match against a team that was destined for the wooden spoon. The game went as expected with the undefeated premiers have a bit of a romp. The Yass team displayed it's skills on a small field and dominated to lead 6-0 at half time .

Reuben Robinson scored first from a penalty. Mitch Starr, Calvin Morgan and Ben Luck all bagged one . Keegan Doyle who looked sharp today, scored twice. The second Half saw everyone trying to score but it wasn't as successful. Calvin Morgan settled the attack when he delivered a beauty into the back of the net .Max Hansson was rewarded with a double after stealing a goal from Brooklynn Bolton . In a memorable occasion it was Brooklynn Bolton who ended proceedings with a well deserved goal.

The final score was Yass Redbacks 10 to Radford 0 . This concluded 4 months of training twice a week and assembling on a Saturday to do what we like to do over winter . It's something that this team does well and I am very  lucky and very proud to be able to coach the UNDEFEATED PREMIERS of this U14 competition , the Yass Redbacks .

Congratulations to a team that was  quoted by a colleague " I like watching your guys ... there slick!

Sat 2 Sep 2017 - U14 Redbacks v Canberra Grammar Sky

An under strength U14 Redbacks team assembled at Walker Park for the second last match of the season with the premiership title almost guaranteed . As they are a proud team with a proud coach they knew that a loss to Canberra Grammar would put a tarnish on their successful season as they were determined to be able to claim the title of undefeated premiers . Reuben Robinson the prolific goal scorer was unavailable due to illness and several other players assembled in uniform not wanting to let the team down but were obviously not well. 

The coach was looking for the team to dig deep ,step up and show how against the odds they are the best team in this division 2 competition .

The game began with the Canberra Grammar side looking very dangerous in attack with constant raids that had the Redbacks defence looking a little vulnerable . Ben Luck was defusing things with his usual confidence at Keeper but Grammar were forcing the corners and it looked ominous that they would score first . To their credit Zach Enseleit ,Harrison Walker,Nick Hinds and Callum Ironside were weathering the storm in defence with big efforts . The Redbacks started to find some stability in the middle with Cal Morgan taking some control and was well supported by Kegan Doyle , Mitch Starr and a not so well Jacob Collins.

Brooklynn Bolton was playing her best match of the season and she maintained the effort for the entire match . It was Angus Gallahar who was thought to have scored after a well timed run but unfortunately it was called offside .Grammar at times were making inroads into the Redbacks territory but the injection of Jackson Nash and Nick Downey added more resistance in defence . The game was truly in the balance when a superb cross from Calvin Morgan found Angus Gallahar who forced it into the Grammar net for the Redbacks to lead 1-0. The Redbacks went to oranges with this slender 1-0 lead and some players looking unable to participate any further as they struggled with their illness.

The second half developed into a wonderful spectacle  as Canberra Grammar side would not go away and continually caused problems for the Redbacks defence . Ben Luck was brilliant as goal keeper and his efforts were appreciated by the coach . There was a point in the second half where the Redbacks just started to take control . Bryce Battye was finding space with Cal Morgan and this led to a great pass from Jacob Collins for Angus Gallahar to score his second . It was Cal Morgan who then struck the ball from long range to find the back of the net for 3-0 lead . The whole team lifted to a new level as fatigue set in with the opposition . The Redback attack looked dominating as Jacob Collins nicely got the ball through to Angus Gallahar to score and add to his tally. Minutes later Cal Morgan found more space and finished it off with another long range shot into the back of the net . The score was now 5-0 in favour of the mighty Redbacks . The defence still had to stay strong as the Grammar attack was unpredictable at times. Some more good work by the midfielders saw Angus Gallahar finish off again to score his 4th for the match. Fulltime was declared and this ended a gutsy effort from a team that was not 100% fit. I'd like to say that I am very proud of what this team has achieved this season but todays effort made me even a little more prouder . You thoroughly are the best and the toughest team in the competition and you are well deserving Premiers.

Sat 26 Aug 2017 - U14 Redbacks v Marist

On a beautiful afternoon at Walker park the U14 Redbacks assembled for the top of the table clash against Marist . In the first round it was this opponent who gave the Redbacks a wake up call after leading 2-0 it was Marist who fought back for a draw. The Result of this match could well determine the competition premiers and fittingly it is played on the weekend we are asked to only make positive comments towards our players and officials. The whistle blew for the commencement  of what was to become a tense and excitingly close match . The Marist team looked dangerous early on making decisive breaks through the Redbacks defence . Ben Luck was brilliant at Keeper and was forced to save several good attempts by Marist . The Redbacks defence looked a little jaded but Nick Hinds who was back from injury was slowly finding his composure and was well supported by Jackson Nash in stifling the attack.

The Redbacks started to now look more dangerous through the strong efforts of Cal Morgan ,Bryce Battye and Keegan Doyle. The Redbacks then found space drew out the keeper and it was a superb finish by Jacob Collins who put the ball over the goalkeeper and into the back of the net to give the Redbacks the 1-0 scoreline. Shortly after this the Redbacks showed their dominance by scoring again when Reuben Robinson showed his class and slotted it nicely into the goal for 2-0 lead . It was Marist turn then put pressure on the Yass defence and it resulted in an infringement in the square giving Marist a penalty shot . Ben Luck did an excellent job in saving the shot to keep Marist scoreless. This was a tight match and Marist kept the pressure on to the point that they out numbered the Redbacks defence and the ball was somehow guided past the Redbacks Keeper to make the game more interesting at 2-1. I'd just like to mention that it was the first goal conceded in 11 matches by the ever reliable Ben Luck. This remained the score until halftime and the coach was anxious to discuss matters with the team about keeping the intensity.

The second half began with Marist applying the pressure and keeping the Redbacks defence very busy. The 2nd half goal keeper Calvin Morgan was busy but not letting anyone down. The Redbacks attack always looked dangerous but with not too much success. Angus Collins, Jacob Collins and Reuben Robinson all attempted wonderful shots at goal but only to have them  ricochet off the steelwork . Marist continued to put in the effort and it was only due to the determination of the  Redbacks defence that saved the day . Zach Enseleit , Harrison Walker and Callum Ironside were extremely determined in their defensive roles.The match continued to be a tight tussle until the full time whistle was blown and to the Marist teams  credit they played strongly to only allow the Redbacks to take victory by 2-1.

Well done U14 Redbacks ,that gives you a 6 point buffer at the top of the ladder with 2 matches remaining in the season . You can work out the rest !

Sat 19 Aug 2017 - Majura v U14 Redbacks

The U14 Redbacks ventured to Dickson to take on Majura who were a unknown quantity as the first round encounter was forfeited by the Majura side. In the blustery conditions the Redbacks initially looked lethargic as the team had many players that had battled a virus during the week . The defence needed to step up with Zach Enseleit unavailable due to illness as well. The Redbacks started proceedings with Reuben Robinson breaking through and finding the back of the net for a 1-0 lead . It wasn't too long before the Redbacks found some rhythm and Reuben Robinson converted another one for a 2-0 lead . The Majura team was putting in  the effort and keeping the Yass defensive line busy . Callum Ironside was playing strong and was well supported by Jackson Nash and Harrison Walker . Ben Luck also looked safe in goal when called  upon to defend . It was then Calvin Morgans heavy involvement that resulted in some scrappy loose ball in front of Majura's goal which was eventually cleaned up by Angus Gallahar to convert for the Redbacks to push the score along to 3-0 . Brooklynn Bolton was then shifted into a forward position and to the delight of the coach and her fellow players she skillfully slipped past the defence and slotted the ball past the Majura keeper for her first goal of the season.The Redbacks went to oranges and lollies I might add with a 4-0 advantage .

The second half began badly for the Redbacks as Majura broke free down the right side and the Redbacks defence seemed to respond poorly leaving the Redbacks Keeper a little too exposed and the ball was driven into the Redbacks goal for the score to be 4-1. This woke the Redbacks from their slumber and they started to look more like the team we know with some good combinations which saw Angus Gallahar score next for a 5-1 lead . Reuben Robinson then scored another good goal  for a scoreline of  6-1. Once again against the flow the Redbacks defence went to sleep for Majura to score another and this did not impress the coach as this team prides itself on its excellent defensive record . As good sides do the Redbacks finished the game strongly with Angus and Reuben scoring one more goal each due to the  good lead up work from Jacob Collins ,Keegan Doyle and Ben Luck . The full time whistle sounded  to end a match where the Redbacks weren't at their best but the match officials recorded it as a 9-2 victory to the Redbacks . The team now needs to prepare for the top of the table clash next week against Marist.

Sat 5 Aug 2017 - Brindabella Blues v U14 Redbacks

The undefeated U14 Redbacks ventured on a cold and miserable day to Calwell to taking on the2nd placed team the Brindabella Blues. They always offer strong opposition when they play the Redbacks. The game started and the Redbacks looked threatening and were continually camped in the Brindabella defensive line looking likely to score . The Brindabella defence were up to the task early and were stifling the Redbacks attack. Angus Gallahar looked certain to score early after Jacob Collins delivered a great ball but the defence was up to the task.

The Redbacks finally got on the board when Reuben Robinson drove a lovely left footer past the Brindabella Goal keeper for Yass to take a 1-0 lead. This took the game to halftime oranges with the game in the balance. The early parts of the second half was no different from the first with Brindabella putting up a fair bit of resistance. The Redbacks started to show its dominance when It was the sweetest of strikes that saw Reuben Robinson bag his second goal and the Yass team had the buffer that they wanted . The lead was extended again when Mitch Starr entered the game to score an excellent goal .The  Yass lead was extended to 3-0 and all they wanted to do  was to apply more pressure to the opposition . Jacob,Keegan ,Brooklyn ,Bryce and Mitch all had opportunities to increase the lead . The Brindabella attack had opportunities but I have nothing but praise for the efforts put in by Zach, Jackson,Callum ,Nick and especially Max in maintaining a rock solid defence. The fulltime whistle sounded for the Redbacks to rack up another victory in a tightly fought contest . The match was a enjoyable experience for the many supporters which is just great to see . Well done to the U14 Redbacks as we keep the wining culture alive.

Sat 29 Jul 2017 - U14 Redbacks v Tuggeranong

It was a perfect day at Walker Park for the next match of the season for the U14 Redbacks who now sit at the top of the table . Their opponents today were the Tuggeranong United side who obviously were aware of the tough opposition they were about to encounter. The game commenced as the Redbacks coach expected . The sharp Redback attack was relentless and were constantly camped in the Tuggeranong defensive zone . After a few missed opportunities the Redbacks scored first through Keegan Doyle which was great for his confidence . The next goal came from Angus Gallahar whose shot deflected off a opponent and into the net for 2-0 lead . Keagan Doyle scored his second for the half for a 3-0 scoreline .

This was quickly followed by another deflected shot by Angus Gallahar that ended up in the back of the net for Yass to have a 4-0 tally midway through the first half . The Redbacks defence had not much action but Zach Enseleit , Nick Downey and Max Hansson did some good work when called upon. The Redbacks scored again when Calvin Morgan delivered a nice over the top ball for Reuben Robinson to follow through and head it past the Tuggeranong keeper . Yass went to the break with a comprehensive lead of 5 goals to nil over the struggling Tuggeranong side .


The second half saw the Tuggeranong side more committed in defence but the Redbacks attack never gives up and grinds the opposition into the ground . Reuben Robinson has been in great goal scoring form of late and managed to put another 3 goals past the Tuggeranong keeper in the second half to bring his tally to 4 for the match . I might add that this is the third consecutive match where he has reached a 4 goal tally but the Redbacks play as a team and there is always strong lead up work from the likes of Jacob, Bryce, Ben and Cal. The U14 Redbacks know how to score but its their strength in defence and how  they pride themselves in not letting the opposition score is the big plus for this talented side.

Although having little work to do in this match they were still very intimidating when called upon to defend .   The Yass Redbacks took victory 8 goals to nil against Tuggeranong United in a lopsided affair .

The Redbacks have some solid opposition to play in the next few weeks so the good form needs to continue as this is the business end of the season . Well done Redbacks ,lets keep the momentum going.

Sat 24 Jun 2017 - Canberra Grammar Sky v U14 Redbacks

The U14 Redbacks once again traveled to Canberra to take on their next opponent Canberra Grammar . The Redbacks for some strange reason have always struggled against this team as last year they were the only team to beat the Redbacks twice and this year the only team to lead the Redbacks on the scoreboard at any stage of their season. Any thoughts of that were soon dismissed as this mighty Redbacks side terrorised the Grammar defence from the get go scoring 3 times in the opening 10 minutes. The Redbacks mid field and strikers totally dominated the early stanza. Angus Gallahar scored first when he broke free to drive the ball past the Grammar keeper .Minutes later it was a superb combination of passes between Jacob Colins and Reuben Robinson which resulted in Reuben scoring the first of his 4 goals. Next up was a long range attempt from Reuben Robinson that was fumbled by the Grammar Keeper to roll into the net for a 3-0 lead to the Redbacks . Cal Morgan was almost next to score when his curling  attempt from outside the box narrowly missed the top corner of the net . The scoreline moved to 4-0 when Reuben Robinson bagged his 3rd for the half after once again some great combinations of passes from the Redbacks .


The second half was a different affair as the Canberra Grammar team put most of their team back in defence and on the small field things became congested and a lot more difficult to score. At times the Canberra Grammar team had opportunities to get on the scoreboard but Zach Enseleit and Nick Hinds were tremendous in defence and were well supported by Callum Ironside and Harrison Walker.  Cal Morgan at Keeper looked composed and in total control as the Grammar team had no answers .  As it looked unlikely the Redbacks were going to add to the score in the second half a late change-up by the coach to the forward line  saw another great combination of passes between Jacob Collins and Reuben Robinson. This resulted in another goal being added to Reubens tally .

The full time whistle blew to end another dominating display by the U14 Redbacks running out with 5-0 victory over Canberra Grammar with Reuben leading the way with 4  excellent goals. We now head to the mid season break as competition leaders but we all know we have tough matches ahead of us.

Sat 17 Jun 2017 - Marist v U14 Redbacks

The U14 Redbacks ventured  to Canberra on a dull and gloomy day for a much anticipated match .It was the top of the table clash with Marist as both these teams were undefeated and joint competition leaders. The match began with both teams playing confident and controlled soccer .

The Redbacks although cautious looked most likely to score first . The mid fielders looked dangerous with Reuben Robinson finding space and Calvin Morgan playing determined soccer. Mitchell Starr almost scored for the Redbacks when the Marist goal keeper spilt the ball but  managed to regather. Marist was just as aggressive in attack but were being stopped in their tracks by the solid Redbacks defence led by Zach Enseleit. The Redbacks had another opportunity when Angus Gallahar broke through only to have his shot on goal saved by the Marist keeper. 

Calvin Morgan then drove another shot just wide and it was a story of missed opportunities again. The teams went to halftime oranges with the score locked at 0-0 and the match thus far was living up to all its expectations.


The second half commenced and the tense struggle resumed with both teams wanting to attack and the play was from end to end . Nick Hinds, Jackson Nash and Nick Downey had some big efforts in defence and Keegan Doyle, Angus Gallahar had some good opportunities in attack . About midway through the second half the match changed dramatically . Bryce Battye who was playing with a lot of determination charged down the right side to  have his shot ricochet off the Marist defender and into the goal .

The Redbacks took the lead 1-0. Shortly afterwards it was Reuben Robinson in superb form showed all the skills to send the ball high into the Marist net for the Redbacks to lead 2-0 and in total control . The game then took a bizarre and unexpected twist as a wayward shot from the Marist player spiraled high  and awkwardly towards the Redbacks goal .

The Redbacks keeper efforts were in vain as it caught his outstretched hands and into the side net for Marist to get back into the game 2-1. It was shortly after that Marist were given a corner and as the Redback defenders positioned themselves his poor corner attempt rolled slowly along the ground to find his unmarked player who slotted it into the Redbacks goal from close range . It was like a moment in time when the Redbacks defence were motionless and their coach was in disbelieve. The score was now locked at 2-2 with less than 10 minutes to go . The Redbacks didn't throw the towel in and looked certain to score when Reuben steered a nice ball through to Keegan Doyle but the difficult attempt was not successful and the full time whistle was blown to end a absolute splendid game of junior soccer . Both coaches were full of praise for each team and the referee also complimented how great the match was. For the Redbacks it just seemed like missed opportunities cost them in the end but they are definitely shaping up as serious contenders for a division 2 premiership with the second round about to commence . Congratulations Redbacks on a fabulous performance.

Sat 3 Jun 2017 - St Edmunds v U14 Redbacks

The U14 Redbacks traveled to St Edmunds College to take on the local team . In seven seasons this was the first time this Redback team has played a team from St Edmunds College . As the game commenced there was nothing to fear as it was all one way traffic . The Redbacks were constantly camped in the St Eddies goal square forcing shots on goal at regular intervals. The stacked defensive line and the fearless St Edmunds goal keeper were doing its absolute best to stop the rampaging Redbacks but by halftime the Redbacks had put 6 goals into the back of the net for a 6-0 scoreline. Reuben Robinson had scored 3 goals , Cal Morgan scoring from a header , Mitchell Starr and Kegan Doyle also contributing with one each.


The second half was no different than the first with the Redbacks attack being strong and consistent. The highlight of the match was watching the diminutive St Edmunds goal keeper fight to save as many goals been scored as he could. It was his great effort that prevented the scoreline from being  much bigger.  The mighty Redbacks scored another 5 goals in the second half and certainly showed their class against a hapless opposition .  Second half goal scorers were Reuben Robinson , Angus Gallahar ,Ben Luck with 1 each and Max Hansson bagged a double. The Final score being 11- 0 .  Well done Redbacks .

Sat 27 May 2017 - U14 Redbacks v Brindabella Blues

The fog cleared and the sun warmed the surface of Walker park for the

U14 Redbacks to take on the well credentialed opposition the Brindabella Blues. Both teams were undefeated at this early stage of the season but Brindabella had put up some big scores in winning their matches . The Redbacks had trained well this week and looked well prepared. The game commenced and it  certainly was a very tight contest through the first

30 minutes. The Redback midfielders Reuben Robinson and Cal Morgan were in the thick of things delivering good ball to the attack that looked to have a level of authority at times . Keegan Doyle , Angus Gallahar and Jacob Collins were having plenty of opportunities to score. The Brinabella team were a determined lot and kept stifling the attack and kept the Redbacks defence very busy . Zach Enseleit , Jackson Nash , Harrison Walker and big Nick Hinds were making it difficult for the Brindabella attack to penetrate. The Redbacks were starting to get the upper hand and great lead up work saw Keegan Doyle do what he does best.

He calmly put the ball into the back of the net for the Redbacks to put their nose in front just before halftime.


With a 1-0 lead as the second half commenced the words from the coach was no goals ,tighten up the defence . The Redbacks were now starting to take control and attacking raids were coming often. The Injection of Ben Luck, Bryce Battye, Max Hansson and Brooklynn Bolton into the game brought dividends.  Keegan Doyle pounced on a loose ball to score his second and put Yass ahead 2-0. Shortly after it was Reuben Robinson who broke through to score a well deserved goal for 3-0 lead . The Brindabella team although being out played by this stage had several opportunties to score with some clean breaks but it was to no avail. It was one of the best goal keeping performances I'd seen when Calvin Morgan showed great skill and courage  to keep the Brindabella team scoreless . The game didn't end there as Yass continued their dominance with Mitch Starr returning to good form by scoring next to drive home the nail into the coffin for the Brindabella Blues team .


It was a skillful and determined display by the U14 Redbacks in their

4-0 victory over the Brindabells Blues.  It certainly put a big smile on the coaches face.

Sat 20 May 2017 - Tuggeranong v U14 Redbacks

After a night of rain the sun came out as the U14 Redbacks travelled away from home for the second week in a row. They gathered on a spongy uneven ground in Wanniassa to take on Tuggeranong United. The Redbacks looked dominating from the start  and threatened to score many times in the opening 20 minutes but the conditions were hampering any good finishing . It was Cal Morgan who opened the scoring when he cleaned up after his attempted header was knocked down in front of him . Bryce Battye, Reuben Robinson , Jacob Collins and Angus Gallahar were putting the effort in but to their credit the Tuggeranong defence was doing a great job stifling the attacking raids of the Redbacks . In defence Zach Enseleit was getting back into form after missing last season with injury. Jackson Nash was also very solid once again in the backline. In his maiden game for the Redbacks Nick Downey did nothing wrong and looked very handy in defence. The Redbacks went to oranges at half time only with the one goal lead and a coach that seemed frustrated at the missed opportunities.


The second half saw the Redbacks running into the sun and the breeze but their efforts were keeping the Tuggeranong defence very busy. Ben Luck and Bryce Battye were looking dangerous down the right hand side but the attacks momentum ceased when poor kick options were continually being taken . It was Reuben Robinson who calmly dribbled the ball through the defence to score a nice goal that put the Redbacks in front by 2 goals to nil. Tuggeranong began to show some ability in attack making some good inroads . Callum Ironside and Nick Hinds then lifted their efforts and were playing well. After more missed opportunities the Redbacks midfield got a good ball through to Angus Gallahar who broke free of the defence to slot it past the Tuggeranong Keeper for the Yass Redbacks to put the match beyond doubt.  The final whistle blew for the Redbacks to win 3 -1 and remain undefeated so far this season.


In general it was good effort when you can still win ugly . The coach says there is more improvement in this side so the season is looking bright.

Sat 13 May 2017 - Radford v U14 Redbacks

The U14 Redbacks gathered at a warm and sunny Radford School ground for their next round match.

 From the moment the referees whistle sounded it was just one way traffic . The Redbacks were ruthless in their attack and on a smaller field they displayed some wonderful skill.The Radford side appeared to be stunned by their opponents football ability. It looked at times, just like a perfect training run. The Redbacks were relentless and went to oranges with a 7-0 scoreline.

Goal scorers for the 1st half were Cal Morgan  who bagged a double ,Angus Gallahar,Reuben Robinson, Max Hansson,Jacob Collins and Mitch Starr all contributing with a goal each. Also our defensive players were solid and look in good form so early in the season.

The second half was a similar affair to the first with The Yass Redbacks scoring another 3 quick goals early into the second half through Angus Gallahar and Jacob Gallahar. The score had now blown out to 10-0 . 

Jackson Nash and Callum Ironside were doing some excellent things in defence and Yass just looked good across the park. The Radford side started to show more resilience and the Redbacks began to miss their opportunities  but still as the game ended it concluded a great 70 minute effort by the Yass Redbacks.

The coach was a very happy one with the rampaging display but we all know that tough matches are ahead of us .

Sat 6 May 2017 - U14 Redbacks v Canberra Grammar Sky

The U14 Redbacks assembled at Walker Park for the season opener. There was some  moments of early confusion as we waited for our opponents the Cooma Tigers to arrive but to have Canberra Grammar turn up instead. The game commenced with both teams showing it was to be a even affair . Yass looked at little rusty at times in the first half and this allowed Canberra Grammar to sneak through and score the first points of the season to lead 1-0. The Redbacks looked certain to score at times but could not get the ball past the Grammar keeper . Angus Gallahar was dangerous in the first half with good penetrating runs . Reuben Robinson , Keegan Doyle and Cal Morgan were putting in big efforts . The Yass Redbacks went to half time down 1 goal to nil.


The second half saw the Redbacks blow away a few cobwebs to look a far more superior team . Good lead up work from Harrison Walker and Reuben Robinson saw Keegan Doyle score to level the game at 1-1.  Ben Luck ,Jacob Collins and Bryce Battye were making good inroads to set up our attack . Brooklynn Bolton was impressive when injected into the game .

Yass looked very impressive with their relentless attack and were unlucky not to score on three or four occassions . Jackson Nash was an absolute standout in defence and continually stifled the Grammar attack . After constant pressure on the Grammar defensive line it was Angus Gallahar who cleaned up to put the ball into the back of the net for the Yass Redbacks to take the lead and the match 2 goals to 1.


The coach was impressed by the teams effort so early in the season and is looking to build on this as early signs show we could have a strong season . Well done team.